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  • Bridal Registry – Why You Should Go For It? : Bridal Registry

    Getting unpleasant presents for a bridal party can be a major turn-off. It is therefore advisable that you organize bridal registry in advance and inform your guests about the presents that mark your boxes. Once your guests are aware of what you want, they can pick a perfect present restricting their budget.

    Consider it a distinctive means by which you can guarantee your guests that their presents will be treasured, used and appreciated at all times. There no contradiction that blessings are the most precious and beautiful present in the universe. But a few beautiful candles for your newest home or your favorite designer bag do not hurt either.

    Why go for bridal Registry?

    It is very evident that bridal registry is mutual. The invitees really should rack their minds to settle on the ideal present for you and you will time and again have to tolerate their bad preference. Are you not aware of the vast amount of time and energy involved in the procedure of buying presents for a newly wed? Plus there yet is no assurance that it will be worth it. Therefore, why not simply give your invitees a choice to pick from a broad variety of presents. This can enable the guests to pick from the things you require and what they can afford.

    Bridal registry has no repetition

    You may end up getting repetitive presents for no genuine fault of your invitees but just because of the recent trends of reputation of that thing in the market place. If you organize intelligently, you can really stop this. When your invitees will see your bid list of presents registered, they will have the ability to track what somebody else has already purchased and what is left. Therefore, there is no room for duplication. It doe not just save you headache but also avoids wastage of money and time. Get together

    If your list has some expensive things, a number of your wise relatives and friends can choose to chip in cash to purchase a product off your bid list. Most individuals have restricted budgets and therefore wind up compromising. This is an opportunity for them to give something that you really want but without seeing their pockets frown.

    Bridal registry is free

    Most shops offer this service for free. Not just this since they send letters and emails on your behalf to the invitees inciting them to making their choice. All you should do is inform your family members and pals over social networks, email, or send a note with the card, and then leave it to up to the friends and family members.

    Most of us are used to passing on presents that we were given from an earlier event. However, this is not the best option. It is important to avoid forwarding old presents. If you did not like what you received, it is also possible that the new owners won't end up making use of it either. Therefore, when preparing for your wedding, it is advisable to opt for bridal registry to avoid such inconveniences.

  • Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of All Times : celebrity weddings

    When it comes to tying the knots, celebrities do know how to capture the public's interests. Celebrity weddings, in a way, have become special occasions especially if both parties are celebrities. There are even some cases when the weddings have become events to be remembered as historical.

    There have been lots of celebrity weddings, and some are truly memorable and some are better left forgotten. Those memorable celebrity weddings are the ones that people talk about every time a new celebrity couple announces an engagement.

    Two of the Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings of All Time

    Who would ever forget the Grace Kelly-Prince Rainier wedding? Or the Las Vegas Elvis Presley-Priscilla Wagner wedding? Despite the rumors and controversies that surrounded these two great celebrity weddings and marriages, the wedding days themselves have stayed in the minds of the general public and the generations of today are being told about them.

    The Grace Kelly Wedding - Every Little Girl's Dream Wedding

    Every little girl wants to be a princess and marry a prince. For a girl born in Philadelphia in the US, that dream came true in April 19, 1956 when Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress, married Prince Rainier of Monaco. The wedding was a classic one, but it was also a very memorable one for the very simple fact that the bride is no simple woman; she was a talented actress and loved by many. She was an icon, someone respected and admired. She was the Hollywood princess who married a true prince; a wedding worth talking about generation after generation.

    Grace Kelly wore a very classic wedding gown, which was another reason why her wedding was considered as one of the most famous celebrity weddings of all time. The wedding dress was actually cited as one of the best-remembered of all time and the most elegant bridal dresses for the 20th century.

    Las Vegas Wedding of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Wagner

    The wedding of the most popular singer/actor of Hollywood happened on May 1, 1967 after 4 years of living together. It could have been another fairy tale wedding and affair if not for the disastrous rumors before and after the wedding. Elvis Presley married Priscilla Wagner at the Aladdin Hotel with family and friends in attendance and followed by a quick press conference.

    Of all the celebrity weddings, this one of Elvis and Priscilla is considered as one of the most complicated ones. People close to the actor/singer said he was reluctant to be married while others were saying that he was excited to marry Priscilla. On the wedding day itself, close friends of the actors who have previously been invited were told not to come. The wedding pushed through anyway, and it became one of the most memorable celebrity weddings of all time.

    Between these two celebrity weddings, one was a true fairy tale wedding, and the other a make believe one. In a way, the royal wedding lasted forever, or until the Princess passed away, and it was indeed a "Happy Ever After" story. The Elvis-Priscilla wedding, on the other hand, did not last forever as the couple separated and divorced eventually.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Tips For Preparing It. : Father of The Bride Speech

    So your little girl is getting married, and you have to give the father of the bride speech. During this important moment, it's up to you to help usher her into this new life. The father of the bride has a number of responsibilities to attend to while preparing for the wedding. In addition to helping to pay for the wedding, helping with various details, and walking your daughter down the aisle, you'll also have to prepare for the father of the bride speech.

    Father of The Bride Speech Some Points on it.

    Addressing Your Emotions

    Although there are a million things going on before the wedding, preparing the father of the bride speech is definitely one of the most important tasks. As a father, it's understandable to have a lot of different emotions swirling around during this period of your life. Your daughter has always been your little girl, and now this wedding, in a way, signifies that she is no longer that little girl you once knew. Even though you're happy your daughter is getting married, part of you feels sad for your loss. Use this abundancy of emotion to construct your speech.

    What To Talk About

    Don't sit down at the last minute to write your father of the bride speech. Give yourself a couple of weeks to figure it out. This'll give you enough time to figure out everything you want to say. Do you want the speech to be light hearted and humorous, or deep and heartfelt? Do you want to talk about the time you shared with your daughter up to this moment, or more about the way you felt when you found out your daughter was taking this step?

    Giving Your Blessing And Lighting The Mood

    It might be a good idea to mix it up a little, and try hitting on a number of topics. You can deliver a heartfelt speech that expresses your love and support for your daughter and the groom, while delivering a couple of light hearted jokes in the process. Let your daughter know how much you love and care for her. Talk about how you've watched her grow up, and become the woman she is today. When mentioning your soon-to-be son-in-law, let him know how happy you are for him and your daughter. It's important that the groom knows you accept him. Make it very clear that you consider him apart of your family.

    If you do decide to add a little humor in the mix, make sure it won't be too embarrassing for either the bride and groom. When it comes to telling jokes during your father of the bride speech, a little self deprecation can add a nice touch. This kind of humor lets guests know you're okay with this special moment, and you want everyone to have a fun time.

    Facing The Nerves

    If you've never had to give a father of the bride speech before, or you're not a great public speaker, having butterflies in your stomach is expected. You don't have to go directly into the core of your speech. Start off by welcoming everyone to the wedding, and thank everyone for coming to support your son-in-law and daughter on their special day. This should help you ease into your official speech.

    Lastly, try to relax and enjoy this special day with your family and friends. Take time and prepare your speech. Use this speech to express the mix of emotions you have. The father of the bride speech will be a speech your daughter will remember for a long time.

  • Mother Of The Bride Dresses Styles. : Mother of the Bride Dresses

    With the wide variety of mother of the bride dresses that are out there, it can be hard to find the right one that flatters your figure, blends well with the wedding party, and fits your budget as well. Let's be honest, it's quite a tall order to meet all those parameters, especially if your dress will need to be tailored to meet unusual specifications. Many women find it easier to simply buy something off the rack at one of the major department stores, but on such a special occasion you should have something is unique and created to your exact preferences, even though it can a time consuming and sometimes pricey prospect. Fortunately, it's not an impossible task as long as you have the right tools and the right approach.

     Mother of the Bride Dresses Elegant Choice

    Before beginning your search for mother of the bride dresses, it's essential that you take the time to create a plan of action to help make the process easier. If you just go out shopping, you're going to become discouraged very quickly and end up buying a dress that is just average, not stunning. Think first and foremost about the design and scheme of your daughter's wedding, including the primary colors. While you certainly don't want to match your outfit to the outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it's nice to choose a color that complement the colors of the wedding party. It's important, too, to consider the time of day that the wedding is taking place; late morning and afternoon weddings are more relaxed and casual than evening affairs, which tend to be very formal.

    A daytime wedding is best suited for mother of the bride dresses that are lighter in color: Buff, beige, and blush are all popular and attractive colors that are almost universally flattering to just about every complexion. For an evening ceremony, you can go darker and more dramatic with deep jewel tones like ruby or sapphire. The important thing to remember is that your dress should be tasteful and appropriate so that the attention is on the newlyweds. Once you've found a gown that meets your sartorial requirements and looks good on your figure, it's time to wrap it up and take it to a tailor who can customize it to your body. This is what truly make a dress stand apart from the crowd, and the expense is minimal. Even inexpensive clothes look high quality when they are tailored to the person wearing them, so forty or fifty dollars in tailoring your mother of the bride dress is money well spent.

    Your daughter's wedding is a major event in the life of your family, so you naturally want to look your very best. Sorting through the wide selection of mother of the bride dresses can become overwhelming and make the decision unnecessarily complicated, so rather than choosing a dress out of frustration or exhaustion, think through your purchase first and go shopping with a clear vision of what you are looking for as well as what you aren't. You just might find shopping for mother of the bride dresses is easier than you thought

  • How To Find Cheap Wedding Dresses :

    So you are planning to get married soon. First, congratulations are in order! While getting married is fantastic, planning a wedding can be a daunting task, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. For that reason, many people are looking for good ways to make their special day as memorable as possible without breaking the bank. The wedding attire is no exception.

    Wedding dresses can cost you a fortune, which might eat into a large part of your wedding budget. While you want to appear magnificent, you also want to provide your guests with good refreshments. You want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun on your big day. You can considerably reduce your costs by searching for cheap wedding dresses. While you should not compromise on looking great on your special day, it is important to search for the best deal out there.

    Finding a Low-Priced Wedding Dress

    Here are some helpful ways to find an inexpensive wedding dress.

    1. Labor intensive means costly

    The labor needed to make the gown should also be a major consideration, sometimes the price increases because the gown was made by several people. One good way to reduce the price of your wedding dress is to opt for a little known designer or brand since this does not imply compromising on quality. You simply need to plan ahead while keeping your choices open.

    2. Find a trustworthy Online Store and go through customer Reviews

    In order to find good quality and affordable wedding dresses online, make sure that you buy your dress from trustworthy online stores. There are many legitimate and reliable online dealers offering gowns at excellent prices. When you locate a trustworthy online store, be sure to look for customer reviews to help make an informed decision. The reviewers are often trustworthy consumers who have purchased the dresses before and are willing to help other shoppers. It is actually important to spend some time to find out what other shoppers are saying. Usually, they have reviewed the quality of the attire, whether it was fitting or how it looked during the big day.

    3. Be sure to obtain price quotes from several stores.

    If you want to look around for affordable wedding dresses, be sure to compare price quotes from a number of companies. Besides, taking your time to go through customer reviews can be a great way to ensure the store you are considering is trustworthy before you make your purchase.

    4. Keep it Simple

    Keep in mind that the most expensive purchases are not necessarily the finest ones. Numerous brides look for a dress that works best and is several dollars less expensive. There are numerous options available at thrift stores, exhibitions sales, and online sites like eBay. When you are planning a great wedding, choosing a cheap wedding gown might not sound fantastic but be assured that it can be a fantastic experience.

    Sticking to these easy tips can help you find the perfect dress for your wedding without breaking the bank. Just these ways alone can make it much easier to find good wedding dresses and at a good price. If you are on a strict budget, but still want to find a good wedding dress that will look great on you, be sure to do your search online, plan ahead and remember to keep it simple. You can now spend your dress savings on marriage life or even treat your partner to a memorable honeymoon.

  • Wedding Shoes To Walk Down The Aisle With Pride And Style : When a bride walks down the aisle, her shoes should not only be beautiful but it should be comfortable too. Most brides spend a lot of time and money for their dress and jewelry but they don't give much importance to the shoes. They may regret it later. A bride has to keep standing on her foot for a long time and has to dance. It is her shoes that get her through throughout the day. That is the reason why selecting the right footwear is very important.

    While shopping for your wedding footwear, make sure you do it as early as possible. Getting used to your new one is important to avoid discomfort and sore feet. There is a wide array of footwear available for brides and you are sure to feel confused and stunned seeing them. It is better to know about the options available and a few tips on how making the right choice before shopping.

    What Are The Different Types Available?

    They may be flat, sandals, mules, open-toed and sling backs etc. based on the style. It can be silk, leather, velvet, lace, plastic, crepe and cotton etc. based on the fabric used.

    What are the tips to be followed while shopping?

    The color of your wedding footwear need not always be the same white or same cream as your dress. It can be of metallic color. It can be either silver or gold. Contrasting red heels with white color have a unique look.

    If you are not comfortable with high heeled shoes avoid them. Flats will keep you more comfortable. Flats are okay if you are tall but it won't suit small and petite women. Are you one among them? Don't worry. You can choose soft and bendable heels. This can make you look tall and stylish. The best thing is that you need not make any compromises on your comfort. If you are used to wearing stilettos and other high heeled types, height is not going to be a problem at all.

    The fabric should be chosen with care. Go for lacy ones if your dress is lacy. Satin looks great with shiny fabric and crepe would look good with dress with a metal sheen finish. The synthetic material is not as comfortable as a natural material. Make sure that whatever you choose is of good quality with sturdy soles and comfortable insole. Are you wearing a bejeweled dress? Do you want your shoes to compliment your dress? If so, you can go for the ones embellished with stones, beads and crystals etc.

    They should fit your foot comfortably. This is more important than everything else. The edges can cut you like razors worn tight. If it is too loose, you may not be comfortable while walking and dancing. Designer shoes specially made to fit your measurements are a good choice but they are expensive. Not everyone can afford them. If you can afford them, they are a wonderful choice. Wedding is one of the most important days in your life. Do you want the day to be perfect? If so, choose your wedding shoes with care. If you spend some quality time for shopping, you can buy the right ones that are stylish, comfortable and beautiful.

  • Priceless Tips On Choosing Wedding Themes :

    Your wedding: You only plan to have it once and that’s why you want it to be perfect. The theme for your nuptials sets the mood of the event and is one of the details that will endure in your memory and that of each of your guests for a long time after that special day has passed. It is for this reason that every bride and groom sweats over selecting the perfect theme.

    How To Choose Wedding Themes?

    The following tips could go a long way in making this task easier:

    1. Ensure it fits your budget - This is one of the most important considerations. Overspending can leave you paying unnecessary debts, and put a strain on the very union it is supposed to symbolize and celebrate. Some themes are really expensive. It is important to remember that spending lavishly doesn't guarantee a great wedding. With a little creativity and proper preparation, you can still have a glamorous event full of color on a low-budget.

    2. Consider the season and weather - It is important to ensure the weather is compatible with the theme that you select. For example it is not a great idea to have an outdoor theme such as a garden or beach wedding during the winter or when it is raining. Wedding themes can also be generated around a specific season. For example it can capture the orange leaves during autumn or snow during winter.

    3. Consider the type of guests that you expect to invite - This can help you decide whether to go with a casual or formal theme. If you expect to have your workplace superiors attend, you can make an impression on them by having a formal, mature themes. The same applies if most of your family and friends are formal and conservative. If however most of your guests are simple, laid-back people, then there is no problem going with a casual fun-filled theme. Varying combinations of both may also work so as to accommodate different personalities as well as not to completely neutralize your own interests.

    4. Capture your personality - This day is all about you so it is important that the theme represents you as a couple. If for example you love nature you can choose a jungle theme. You can also center your theme around your favorite sports team.

    5. Continuity without overdoing it - Ensure each item captures your preferred theme from the cake to the invitation cards. However don’t overdo it. Some couples try to push the theme to extreme levels for example having every little thing from the tablecloth to the groom's suit match, leading to disastrous effects.

    6. Pick a timeless theme - Some themes are in and out within a few years or even months. Picking such a theme will have you regretting soon as your wedding pictures will look outdated in no time. When you show your pictures of your future grandchildren you want them to feel like it could have happened just a day before. A great way to achieve this is by picking a classic theme. For example a Victorian theme has little chance of ever getting outdated.

  • How To Create A Wedding Checklist :

    When people are planning to have a wedding in the next months, they have to prepare for this memorable event. There are many great things that they have to do in advance. It is beneficial to have a wedding checklist. By having this checklist, people can prepare all important things without any problems. There are several important items that should be included in the checklist. These items are very crucial in this special day. This post has several useful tips to create a complete checklist for this special event. It is important to follow these simple tips for preparing this event.

    1. Determine The Wedding Budget

    This is the most important step that people have to do before they create their checklist. They have to determine their wedding budget. They have to set up a budget for their special day. This step is very important to avoid spending too much money on this special day. Budgeting should be done in the beginning of the preparation process. Try to discuss with relatives and friends about some possible things that can be done to reduce the budget. This budget can be a basic thing that should be considered during the preparation process.  Give your wedding that unique touch by looking into custom wedding beverage napkins.

    2. Create Guest List

    Guess list is another important thing that should be included in the checklist. This list is going to determine any other factors, such as a wedding venue, catering, invitations, and many other important things in this special day. This guess list is highly correlated with the budget. When people have a limited budget, they may want to invite a few people only. It is a great time for the couples to create their own guess list. The list should include friends and relatives from both brides and grooms. People usually only invite close friends and relatives on their wedding day.

    3. Write All Important Things Related To The Event

    This is another useful tip for all people who want to prepare for this special day. It is important to write down all important things related to the event, such as wedding cake, photography, catering services, entertainment, accessories, transport, florist, decoration, and many other useful things. All of these things should be prepared properly, so this special day can be done without having any problems. It is important to write all important things in the checklist. This checklist is going to guide people to prepare their wedding days. Do not forget to put the schedule on the checklist. This schedule is very beneficial to keep everything on schedule.

    Those are several tips on how to create a checklist for wedding. This checklist is very important for both brides and grooms. Both of them should create this checklist to make sure that everything is done properly. There are some wedding planning services that are available for all grooms and brides to be. These services are able to help couples prepare their special day without having any problems. This special day should be prepared properly, so it can be a memorable event. Creating this list is very useful to avoid forgetting important things in the wedding day.

  • A Guide When Choosing Wedding Timeline : Wedding Timeline

    Why do many couples like using services of certified wedding timeline in the market? For a couple of years, they have proved as one of the companies that many people from all over the world have been choosing these timelines for them thus making them one of the most respected companies in the world.

    Why Buy From Them?

    1. It reduce the cost of weddings

    Many couples who come from all parts of the world often ask themselves this vital question before making a decision to use their services. First, they offer some of the best collections in the world when compared to what the market offers. They also offer affordable prices in the market when compared to what the market offers. This means that whenever you are making your purchase in the market, you will make the best purchase compared to what other companies in the market offers. Many buyers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market.

    2. You will get the best tips on how to make a wedding success

    Moreover, many shoppers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market. These collections range from men, women, children with respect to their ages, sizes and preferences. This has also simplified the whole process of buying the collections from the company at the same time winning the hearts of many customers from all over the world due to their excellent collections for wedding. Never forget that they will always help you make the best choice when buying your collections depending on your physical characteristics and body size. This has enabled many people to buy the best products when compared to what the other companies’ offers in the market. In addition, many customers when buying from the will also save some money that otherwise they could have spent when buy from other companies in the market.

    3. Enables you to have memorable moments after wedding

    They also give those people buying the collections through online an opportunity to get discounts when buying from the market. This has enabled them be among the best when compared to what market offers for the buyers. When you pay your money through the online platforms, you will get an automatic discount of 25 percent that makes it one of the best deals available in the market. This has increased customer satisfaction at the same time enhancing a long –term business relationship with the clients who often buy from wedding timeline. Many buyers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market. This has ultimately made them as among the best when it comes to selling high quality collections in the market.

    In conclusion, if you are thinking about buying the best collections in the market, then never go further than wedding timeline. They will give you true makeover transform your look remarkably during your wedding.


     Time is ticking and it’s all about decisions, decisions, but not to worry pretties, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest gems out there this season. So before venturing into fall fabulousity, let’s sit back and enjoy summer blossoms that easily transform a room from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous and can stand the sizzling heat of an outdoor soiree or the cool breeze of a grand ballroom.

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    BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Jinda Photography // Floral Design: Flower Affairs // via Junebug Weddings}

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